26+ Pretty Outdoor Living Spaces

26+ pretty outdoor living spaces 00003

To spend time in your outdoor rooms and space with the cooler weather and the colorful fall foliage. We’re back with our beautiful Modern Lake House. We took you through the dining and entry in a webisode and photo tour, and today we’re showing you the living room. This home was designed with many custom pieces that are exclusive to the space. We can’t share all the sources, but trust us—we share and give as much as we can! I missed my vacation in southern Utah and am craving warm weather and lots of sunshine.

You can put any kinds of cool items on your kitchen table that you can also create it by yourself. Somehow, remodeling your outdoor kitchen can be a difficult thing to do. Fortunately, you can check these following outdoor kitchen ideas for your inspiration. My lack of vacation inspired me to start thinking about our outdoor areas and bring the happy vacay vibe home! Click through to see my finds for the patio and other outdoor areas- all from Amazon, so you can put that prime shipping to good use.

The garden is an extension of your home, so there is no reason you can’t give just as much attention to your outdoor patio as you do your indoor rooms! Just remember to look at your outdoor patio or deck in the same way…floor, walls, ceiling, furniture and accessories. Your accessories might be flowers and plants instead of books and paintings, but that’s just fine with us. Use these outdoor patio ideas and tutorials to style a fresh outdoor living space you will find… well, amazing! Find inspiration in these amazing backyard patio ideas! Some of these outdoor living spaces were created from scratch, and some were entire patio makeovers. In every single one, you can find ideas to add style to your outdoor space! (Or, make one where there was none before!)