27 Extraordinary Ideas of Living Room with Fireplace

27 extraordinary ideas of living room with fireplace 00019

Though it is only possible to have in houses placed in four-season countries, living room with fireplace always is the dream space even for people who live in two seasonal nations. I mean, where do we gather around to warm our body up in wet season, right? Only by that idea, this article won’t lose its purpose for some certain readers. Coastal style is increasingly becoming more popular than ever because of its versatility. It also has a casual savoir faire feel that will delight home owners.

You can add some furnishings that can reflect a coastal theme and will not even possess one definitive style per se. The coastal living room furniture is quite distinctive because of its relaxed profiles. In some cases, you may have other features in your living room that call for attention in addition to your fireplace. A big screen television may compete with your fireplace, or a picture window with a lovely view may steal some of the room’s focus. Instead of choosing a single feature to serve as the room’s focal point, let the fireplace share the spotlight.

The most challenging thing about designing this room was the space planning. While we were building my husband and I used cardboard boxes to visualize the sizes of the furniture we were ordering for this room. It also meant ordering two rug sizes to see what worked best once we did finally move in! Our fireplace is gas, and although my husband was hoping for wood burning I do love the ease of clicking a button and having a nice cozy fire during the cold Chicago winter! We surrounded the fireplace with a whitewashed brick tile and flanked it with matching builtins full of pretty decor finds.