29+ Balcony Garden Design Ideas

29+ balcony garden design ideas 00024

The balcony is an extension of the interior of the building. It is a place where residents breathe fresh air, dry clothes, and place pots. The design needs to take into consideration the principles of practicality and beauty. We’re finally here with our balcony garden reveal. I know it’s been really long, but we had to wait for the plants to settle in and grow. We started getting the new plant babies in the middle of last year.

But posting pics of empty pots with a few leaves in wouldn’t have done justice to our balcony garden. The plants are bigger and fuller now and our garden is beginning to look a little wild like we wanted it to. So let’s get straight to it. At this time you get a cool recycled upside down planter to decorate your balcony . If it is well decorated, it can also become a comfortable small garden, so that people can enjoy it without leaving home. The most lovely color in nature, breathing fresh and floral air.

Or, you will find some hanging planters, which you can easily hang on some hook on the wall. The entire wall planter is created with the most frequently available thing lumber. The balcony is decorated not only to allow the occupants to receive light, absorb fresh air, exercise outdoors, watch, cool, and dry clothes.