29+ Simple Coffee Table Styling

29+ simple coffee table styling 00012

Any interior designer would confirm that a coffee table is a design element that can make a living room feel more welcoming in an instant. And when it comes to choosing a versatile style, an ottoman that can serve as a coffee table is a good option. I have done a few posts on coffee table styling in the past, but over the years I have really simplified what goes on our table. It pretty much always looks like different variations of the same thing with a couple building blocks that make it look styled, but easy to move around.

So, picture this. You’ve got yourself the most gorgeous new coffee table but you’re struggling to find some cute accessories to start styling it that won’t completely overtake the beauty of the piece itself… Plus, you don’t really know whether it’s even going to look great once you’re done with the random bits you’ve purchased. Whether your signature style is modern and contemporary or chic Scandinavian, you’ve come to the right place! Styling is a large part of interior design, generally right at the end of a project. Coffee table styling is one of my absolute favourite things to do as an interior designer, and I’m here to give you my top tips on how to style them like a pro. Are you ready?

On the coffee table I gravitate towards larger, weightier books to anchor smaller accents like candles, matches and accessories. I also always have a tray on top of a stack of books to put fresh flowers and misc. items like our remotes. This marble is a go to tray for the coffee table because of the size, but I have also been using this one a lot which I love.