33 Ideas for Creating an Organized Kitchen

33 ideas for creating an organized kitchen 00005

Here are some of the most inspirational organizing posts I’ve come across lately. From the refrigerator to using what would otherwise be wasted space in the pantry, these posts have it all covered and are great inspiration for creating an organized kitchen. If you open your kitchen cupboard and it feels like Armageddon, it might be time to organize your cabinets. Easy as that! Having an open spice shelf clears up counter and cabinet space, by also giving you easy visual access to all your spices!

The kitchen can be a hard place to organize because there is just SO much stuff in a small space. We all love our kitchen gadgets and morsels of seasoning, but the truth is most of us have too much stuff to even use (or see). I made my own spice shelf here and it is a super easy afternoon project. I created this one with a few wall mounted brackets, and stained wood pieces. Simply secure the brackets to the underside of the wood piece, and then secure the bracket to the wall.

One easy open shelf solution is to simply remove the cabinet doors from your existing cabinets. You can even paint the back of the cabinet to match the wall color, to give a more “shelf” like look or even add a great accent color into your space! If you have time and space, you can clean out all of your cupboards at once. Otherwise, do one cupboard or one section of your kitchen at a time, accomplishing a little bit each day. The process works the same whether you’re organizing an entire kitchen or just one cupboard.